This is the personal website of Her Holiness Tara and the Feminine Brilliance Temple.

This site is about Buddhism, Shamanism, Arts and Culture and practice in daily life of modern women.

~ Empowering Feminine Realization ~

ཨོཾ ཨཱཿ་ ཧཱུྃ་ བཛྲ་ གུ་རུ་ པདྨ་ སིདྡྷི་ ཧཱུྃ༔

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May All Sentient Beings Benefit
བྱམས་པ    བཏང་སྙོམས་    སྙིང་རྗེ་    དགའ་བ་

ཨཿ ཀཿ སཿ མཿ རཿ ཙཿ ཤཿ དཿ རཿ སཿ མཿ རཿ ཡཿ ཕཏཿ


Interfaith Ministry & Dialog 

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