I will kiss [Tanka Poem]

Cleverly disguised is my pretense to say no, Feel your YES with me Try not to fight this impulse tell me, and I will kiss you. Her Holiness Tara      


Ethics in the Age of Compassion [Discussion]

[Topic 3] I am moved over the last week or so into seeing and understanding many faces of feminine suffering, the guarded nature, strife, greed, and coldness (among many other things). I am also finding Female:Angles in the midst of my work who are giving love and compassion, and tangible support. Discussions are beautiful with … Continue reading Ethics in the Age of Compassion [Discussion]

Bloom [Tanka Poem]

The pure smile swells bloom, Our interconnected dance compassion in me Grows grace; moves the sands of time Forgiven are days of woe Her Holiness Tara Tanka [Not Thangka 😉 ]:  Japanese poetry - must be exactly 5 lines, has to have  5-7-5-7-7 syllable count. 🙂