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Feminine Revival (2)

About this Feminine Circle

Sharing together with like-minded women is really an incredible experience where we can all together tap into the universal flow of Shakti and create miracles, and not just for ourselves, but also for others in our lives.

From my personal experience in business and in life, women need more connection with like-minded-creative women where we can pool in our ideas and share and inspire each other and the world.

We create this by tapping into our own feminine reservoir and by sharing and stepping in the feminine waters. In joining together with other sisters on a path we can create energy and momentum far more powerful than as an individual.

During these 12 weeks, we will center our MasterMind around the principles of Ikigai, with private Facebook group, dynamic conversations as well as practices, tools and collaboration.

Ikigai – means ‘Reason why you are Alive’ – it comes from Japan and is a guiding tool to focus our energy and discover areas and ways in which we can refine and become better at what we are offering to the world.  Any successful person lives from their Ikigai.

When you are living your Ikigai, you do what you are good at, what you love, what the world needs and you get paid money for it. 

We can all use more Ikigai in our lives, versus only vocation (what the world needs and what we get paid for) and versus profession (what you are good at and what you get paid for) Knowing your Ikigai is knowing deeply why you are alive, what brings you joy, pleasure, fun, and fulfills you.

For a woman feeling fulfilled, fuels our creativity and our feminine reserves of Oxytocin (the relationship happy hormone) we feel better and we do better and everyone around us can feel it, and joins in the energy and the gifts we are offering.

These are recorded Video Calls
(you can also join by phone only, but video is so much more fun) 


What is Ikigai ?

May Ikigai directions - 1

Ikigai in short – is your fully embodied life. The reason why you are alive. You expressing your talents and passions fully; it encompasses doing what you love, what you are really good at, what the world needs and getting paid for it.  Ikigai for many women shifts and morphs between profession, vocation, mission and passion. With time and practice, we align truly at our heart’s inner-most knowing and embody the Ikigai.

Even if we are living the Ikigai, we are flowing within its distinct composition. Ikigai offers us a way to look at our feminine life & business in a way that is fun, creative, uplifting & practical.

This Feminine Mastermind is for women, and practicing yoginis alike who have a strong sense of purpose and connection, mission and gift(s) that they want to give and at the same time are looking to be in a group of other empowered women co-creating and sharing ideas and feminine energy together.

There is so much healing, transformation, connection &  inspiration that comes when women come together with structure, purpose, heart intention and their own divine rhythm & flow. We each get to share together more divine power than if we stood alone.

No matter what type of feminine business you have, you are a woman of practice and commitment to living/embodying your yoga on and off the mat.


A MasterMind – is a group of people working with same intention on similar goals, they have aligned energy, vision and share strategies to cultivate good relationships while benefiting others.  Napoleon Hill wrote about the mastermind group principle as: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

During these 12 weeks, we will be together weekly, diving into feminine practices that empower our natural feminine resourcefulness, support our creative energies, relationships, creativity to bring forward our gifts as women.

We will explore our feminine journey through the Ikigai circles and ways in which we can draw on the energies of our Passions, Vocation, Mission, and Profession.

We will have a structured 12-week curriculum with weekly practices and MasterMind sheets, as well a sister-friend for weekly check-ins.

We will be celebrating and sharing, creating and dialoging about our businesses from a place of abundant gifting and service in the world. Let’s face it, when we are well when our hearts are open when we are connected to our True Nature we are in the natural flow and resonance with life.

The Taoist masters call it “The Way”

The Sufis call it “Mystery of Heart”

The Buddhist call it “The Windhorse” & “The Middle Path”

The Christians call it “Grace”

Whatever you call it, you can feel it, and my intention is to amplify it over 12 weeks so that we can beautifully clarity, support, ease and sovereign, empowered  hearts.

Embracing the Sovereign feminine and living/becoming the embodiment of compassionate Woman/Empress we will be creating our programs, music, art and gifts we share with the world and for the benefit of all.

Who you are:

  • You are a woman who is looking for like-minded and like-hearted sisters with whom you can share
  • You want to be in a safe, open, non-judgemental yet authentically supportive space
  • You are self-accountable
  • You enjoy empowered feminine life
  • You are always open to learning more
  • You understand what it means to be a sovereign Woman and in service for others
  • You wish to benefit the world by the outpour of love and service that truly brings peace and healing to the world
  • You are focused on your career and your spiritual evolution with an equal passion and devotion
  • You are looking for support in your business and feminine leadership and creativity
  • You are a natural collaborator and look forward to sharing with women
  • You love to cross-promote and empower other women
  • You live in the Universe of Abundance and Love, or know how to get there often 🙂
  • You want to explore the many faces of leadership within feminine context
  • You already have an  established business or you are very clear about what you are creating and birthing
  • You care about other women’s work and support your sisters fully

July to September 2017 – Summer heat and warmth of autumn

Structure & Intention

  • heather-shirin-artworkAn opening ceremony/reflections to give thanks for what we have and what we bring into the circle and what we want to invite more of and create
  • We will empower the new relationships and infuse auspiciousness together into the things that we wish to heal or bring with us into the 12 weeks
    • Tools and practices on areas of improvement, we will do a thorough evaluation of the year so we can rest it in peace.
    • Refocusing tools to create new streams and opportunities, and see ways of co-creativity that desires to emerge into the new year.
  • While focusing on Ikigai model, we will be also talking about commitments & relationships – we will have support around family dynamics,  our business and life
  • Receiving feminine clarity – and focusing on putting down a good foundation and prayers into the new year, what we want to dream up into reality over the next calendar cycle
  • Keeping the momentum with the tools and tasks we want to bring forward, discovering ways in which we can stay connected and anchored in the feminine practice and keeping our energy flourishing.

About your Host:

taraTara Dhēva Shakti  [Dr. Aleksandra m Szewczyk PhD (c)] has been location independent and self- employed for a decade. She is a published author,  a spiritual yogini with more than 17 years of dedicated practice. She travels internationally to teach and share spiritual workshops.  She is an Ayurvedic counselor, an associate nurse with CLPNA and a Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance.   She has been supporting, teaching and coaching women professionally for more than 15 years in various settings. Read FULL BIO.

Tara has been supporting women and leading circles for more than a decade, as a yoga teacher, facilitator, shaman, medicine woman and sacred ceremony leader. She creates a strong field of integrity and love and is committed to seeing women succeed in their endeavours that are aligned with the heart and Spirit.


Payment options

These are recorded Video Calls 
(you can also join by phone only, but video is so much more fun)